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    What is PROSTAR?

    "PROSTAR" is a  soundless,  safe and non-explosive demolition agent which is quite different from ordinary demolition agents such as explosives and dangerous materials, it does not cause any fly rock noise ground vibration gas dust or any other environmental pollution when used properly.

    As requirements for demolishing rock or reinforced concrete in construction increase in tight quarters, the use of explosives and explosive agents are becoming more restricted as far as safety and environmental pollution problems are concerned

    "PROSTAR" is a solution.

    ¡°PROSTAR¡± as a material in powder form that expands considerably after mixing with water. This expansion., when is restrained in pre-drilled holes, generates significant expansive pressures which are far away enough to break, cut or demolish any type of rock and concrete structures. Water and ambient temperature are the most important variables in influencing the generation of expansive pressure.

    The principles applied in using ¡°PROSTAR¡± are very much similar to those ones followed in traditional blasting techniques. As for explosives, holes must be drilled to contain ¡°PROSTAR¡±. Which must be mixed with a measured quantity of water and poured into the holes. Few minutes after pouring a reaction of hydration is taking place generating heat and crystallizing and expanding while hardening. If hydration takes place under confinement, significant expansive pressure will result, No need for detonator, ignition and professional operators.   

    ¡°PROSTAR¡± does not make noise, explode or generate fly rocks, vibration or toxic fumes. It is completely harmless and enviromentately friendly. At the other side, explosives, are less safe because pose the threat of premature explosion, misfire and fly rocks, posing a significant threat after the planned explosion.

    ¡°PROSTAR¡± has become a common procedure in demolition in inner citied and other dust and noise sensitive areas. ¡°PROSTAR¡± has also used when excavating rock, or demolishing concrete structures or components of concretes structures are closed to inhabited areas, natural gas lines, pipelines, roadways or other areas where the use of explosive would generate significant safety risk.

    ¡°PROSTAR¡± can be used in the exploitation and excavating of dimension stone quarries and for cut and dress blocks of any type of stone. The use of ¡°PROSTAR¡± reduces the quantity of micro-cracks in the material because it does not produce seismic shock. For this reason it is possible to increase production recovery and therefore obtaining large volume of intact rock and increasing final profits.

    Simplicity of its preparation and low cost of its use makes ¡°PROSTAR¡± an easy and practical alternative to the traditional blasting techniques.

    ¡°PROSTAR¡± is large employed in Spanish ,  Indian,  South-african and brasilian granite quarries, especially, Saudian quarries and rock demolition also, K.S. A Saudi as the world largest user and market place of rockbed fracture,  its annual qty of Prostar reached 3,000 tons only for rock demo.  Another,  Consumption in world quarrying is about 4,000 tons per year.