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    BEIJING PRODEMO IMP. & EXP. CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer of PROSTAR High Range Soundless Cracking Agent ( other SCA  terminology Non-explosive Demoliton Agent,  Expansive Mortar, Stone Cracking Powder , Expansive Cement,  Rock Splitting Mortar). We have been developing and commercializing non-explosive rock-breaking technology for more than ten years in marble & granite quarrying  and civil demolition fields applications.  PRODEMO has grown from grass roots to become one of the world's leading developer and global distributor of Non-explosive Demolition Agent products.

    As one of the well-known manufacturer of Soundless Cracking Agent ( SCA), we own special horizontal kiln with a length of  39 meters,  3 units diameter 1.83 meters over-sized ball grinding mill, annual output reaches 12,000 tons PROSTAR SCA, and adapted advanced and complete chemical analysis and test facilities and professional technical team to assure our quality in compliance with ISO9001 which was certified 10 years ago as the first factory of SCA in China.

    Since 1986, our factory has been able to greatly expand its  business in rock demolition and natural stone quarrying market place throughout the world, because we have established a worldwide reputation of high quality products, service, knowledge and expertise in this industry.

    A provider of excellent after-sales for rock demolition and stone quarrying project, and special solution for special work job, and continuous quality improved and new products R &D is our best advantages, We are able to supply SCA to fit very high temperature 40 degree-50 degree for rock demo and stone mining.

    We are one of the earliest China suppliers and exporters to enter into Saudi Arabian rock demolition market, our PROSTAR obtained good reputation in market place, the feedback from the market is extremely encouraging to be at the similar level with Italian FRACK.AG, and Jananese BRISTAR. now our major export market for stone quarrying market includes Spain, India, Brazil, South Africa, with a over-sized market share,  Incrediable and continual success are on progressive way.

    Our customer rely on our unique ability to delvelop, quarrying and demo fields test and delivery any combination of drilling equipment like hand-held pneumatic rock drill, and Drilling consumables, and expertise director to any corner of the world.

    We do believe, PROSTAR ® is your most reliable partner for your success in marble & granite mining and civil demolition project.



    Horizontal Kiln in 39 meter to burn lime stone by 1500 degree temperature

    3 units diameter 1.83 meters ball grinding mills, daily production 40 tons.